Meet Tyler Tran

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  • The shop has existed in the same location since 1994
  • Offering Complete Maintenance and Repair on All Makes and Models
1815 Belt Line Road, Garland, Texas 75044, United States

(214) 703-0445

 Jackmans Automotive

  • Owner of Jackman’s Automotive
  • Tyler has worked in Auto Repair since he was 24 years when he started working at his uncle’s shop in Vietnam
  • Tyler’s family has a long line of men who worked in Auto Repair going back several generations
  • Carrying on the family tradition, Tyler went to study at Cao Thang Technical School in 1990
  • In 1995 Tyler immigrated to America and spent many years working in the industry and getting experience at several repair shops before finally realizing his American Dream and opening his own shop in Garland, Texas in 2010
  • By 2018 Tyler’s expanding client base had out-grown his original location
  • The previous owner of Jackman’s Automotive  on Belt Line Road was retiring and Tyler bought the shop from him